Just in case you are not aware Singapore SME's have this opportunity to acquire a grant from Spring through the "Innovation Capability Voucher, Productivity Solutions for design and renovation" of commercial business facilities.

This easy to use voucher is valued at $5,000 each to a maximum of 2 vouchers. This program aims to encourage local SME's to increase productivity and profitability through physical improvement or proper use of space.

spring icv

Here are the Top 5 reasons why you need to acquire the ICV program for your workplace.

 1. Aesthetics, If you think that improving and redecorating the façade, reception or general outlook of your shop will attract more interested customers to drop by your place and increase your sales potential. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try!

2. Space Utilization, An extra dead space that was used as a storage for the longest time can come to life by converting it to a small discussion room, break-out area or just an extension of your pantry to encourage social cohesion and make your staff happy and relaxed.

3. De-cluttering, If you find that your workplace is littered with files and folders important enough to keep but need not to be accessible all the time, a simple solution of custom made cabinets, open shelving or compactors will make both your work area and state of mind clear.

4. Freedom of Movement, After years of operating and you become unaware that your workplace has turned into a pile of squeezed human being having a feeling of being in a can of sardines. Reconfiguring the area and acquiring space saving system furniture maybe the answer to everyone's misery including the boss.

5. Extra Furniture for Extra Staff, Needing more manpower to beef up your operations to increase revenues, fear no more a single voucher can get a system furniture that can sit 6 staff complete with chairs and a set of power, data and telephone points. A convenient yet inexpensive way of expanding without blowing your budget.

Besides these reasons, SME's can also use the ICV voucher for design consultancy services for large-scale renovation projects or those who plan to shift from a smaller workplace to a bigger office.