I often ask myself this question. Why has design become a value-add instead of a selling point? If you ask around who still pay's for design fees nowadays is like asking who buys newspapers and actually read it? Yes in my experience it is that rare. If one is not a prominent or multi-awarded designer or firm, is it worth it to pay for design fees?

The Office Designer Design Fees

In today's connected world information is everywhere. Ideas are endless and it is always a struggle to be creative without browsing the web for mood images or design reference. Just like designers, customers also have their own preference. Usually, the ideas they have are something they saw, search or browse thru over the internet.

Just in case you are not aware Singapore SME's have this opportunity to acquire a grant from Spring through the "Innovation Capability Voucher, Productivity Solutions for design and renovation" of commercial business facilities.

This easy to use voucher is valued at $5,000 each to a maximum of 2 vouchers. This program aims to encourage local SME's to increase productivity and profitability through physical improvement or proper use of space.

spring icv

Here are the Top 5 reasons why you need to acquire the ICV program for your workplace.

1) Acquire the fitting-out manual / renovation guideline from the landlord / building management office.

This manual spells out the terms and conditions for the decoration work and it may includes cost for certain work such as for the fire protection system (sprinkler, heat / smoke detectors), contact for their Qualified Persons (QP), Professional Engineers (PE), Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW), etc.