As an Architect and Designer, we often put a copyright notice in our plans to prevent others from using our creative ideas without our consent. But is this enough to serve its purpose? After all, copyright on plans is very difficult to prove in court given its complexity.

The Office Designer Copyright Article

Has there been any significant disruption in the Architecture and Interior Design practice since the invention and mass implementation of CAD or Computer Aided Design?

In my career spanning almost 30 years, I have experienced the First Disruption. The evolution of manual drafting, airbrushed perspectives and on the spot pencil sketches to full CAD drawing and Photorealistic 3D renders and animated walkthroughs. The experience of a rapidly changing technological environment has made me wanting for more innovation to happen in the future.

The Office Designer Architectural Disruption

Welcome to the world of the road warriors where everyone can't get their eyes off their mobile devices. Be it to entertain, to educate or to work, the mobile phone has become an essential tool for almost everything except for corporate real estate. In Singapore, besides real estate company sites & apps selling or renting premises, nothing much has come out of this industry until now. 

Introducing the "Office Renovation Calculator", a revolutionary new productivity and finance tool that lets you calculate office renovation cost in Singapore based on area, budget range, location and site condition. This mobile app will provide a heads-up office renovation estimate on the go. 


The result will be a real-time cost breakdown of the basic items required for an office renovation. This app will be particularly helpful to overseas companies setting up an office in Singapore, business owners & decision makers, property agents, facility managers. This free and easy to use app can come up with a precise estimated figure on the spot without having to speculate and wait for days or weeks for office renovation contractors or interior designers to come up with an actual quotation.