Fresh Air Room Ventilator

Do you know that a typical bedroom in Singapore has no return air ventilation when the split aircon unit is on and the windows are closed? 

During 8 hours of sleep at night, you are just recycling the air you breathe and CO2 levels rise to dangerous levels. Often times if you have sensitive nose and is prone to allergies and asthma, you will wake up sneezing or wheezing because the recirculating air you breathe overnight turns into air pollutants. 

The mixture of low humidity, high CO2 and stale air triggering an increase in VOC’s is a potent combination that triggers allergies, asthma, and discomfort when you wake up in the morning.       

In an airtight building, the ERV brings in precise amounts of fresh outdoor air while exhausting the stale indoor air. Energy is transferred between the two air streams.  Fan-powered exhaust is balanced with the fan-powered supply airflow. Moisture is also transferred and balanced in the process, keeping humidity levels comfortable.  

The Solution

ARID Fresh Air Room ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)

A bi-directional ventilation system that sucks the bad air at night and bring the fresh air in. The heat exchange core regulates the outside air going in to ensure that the air temperature is coequal with the ambient indoor air temperature. 

Equipped with dual filters, washable + H11 HEPA filtration, this device also acts as an air purifier to address PM2.5 for particles 0.3 microns or less.     

Watch the video to see how it works…        

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Air Purifying Capabilities

ERV can effectively remove various harmful substances, such as micro dust and viruses through 3 air purifying steps. First, a basic filter which is installed front and behind of heat exchanger filters out harmful substances. Then, a heat exchanger equipped with antivirus coating blocks the breeding of harmful viruses. In addition, high-efficiency filter installed in front of the heat exchanger, the optional filter, blocks 80-90% of dust-sized 0.3μm can remove micro dust.

The ARID Fresh Air Room ERV will have potential monetary and energy savings for rooms where the system is installed. Research has shown that an ERV system installed in Singapore’s tropical climate will provide energy savings for the Aircon system reducing energy consumption. 

Cooling Recovery Exchange Temperature is at 61% and Humidity at 51% Fresh Air Deliver Rate (FADR) is at 110 cuM/hr at 300 sq.ft space. 

*ARID Indoor Air Solutions is the commercial distributor for ARID Fresh Air Room ERV in Singapore

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